Playground Color Palette and Options

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Playground Color Options

Here at EcoPlay, we provide playground equipment that's made from eco-friendly materials, completely safe, and conducive to kids' learning and development. However, we realize that style is as important as substance, which is why we offer a variety of playground color schemes and palettes for all of our play structures.

We'll help you pick out a playground color palette that represents your community and surrounding playground the best, while also providing you with the play structures that maximize the development, learning potential, and socialization of children. And all of that with recycled, sturdy, environmentally-friendly materials!

EcoPlay has almost 3 decades of experience in playground equipment design — and we can help you pick and choose every aspect of your future play structures! If you have any additional questions about our playground colors, color palette options, or need help picking them out, EcoPlay is more than happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us at any time and we'll go through everything together.

You'll find that our playground color palette has a minimalist approach that's in line with modern design trends, and with what kids actually like! We use bright, fresh hues that can blend in with any kind of environment or aesthetic that your community has. From modern, urban blues and grays to playground paint colors more reminiscent of nature, such as our various shades of green.

You'll find that our playground color palette includes a wide variety of colors that reflect modern design trends which appeal to kids today. Our playground colors range from bright, fresh hues that are visually stimulating to subtle blues, tans, and greens that blend in with the natural environment.

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