Shade Structures

a playground with a slide

Umbrella Shades

The commercial patio umbrellas range from 8' to 27' and can provide over 500 square feet of shade. The umbrella shades are perfect for pools, site furnishings, and patios. The umbrella shades come in square and hexagon shapes.

a covered area with benches and trees

Hip End Shades

Hip shade structures are some of the most versatile shades on the market and can come in a variety of shapes such as square, hexagon, and rectangle. Hip shades can be utilized to cover picnic tables or entire play structures. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors with eave heights (lowest point) of 8', 10', and 12'.

a house with a pool

Cantilever Shades

Cantilever shades come in several styles: standard, umbrella, and hanging. The standard is best for covering areas that require a large amount of open space. The umbrella is ideal for site furnishings. The hanging is great to cover any distance.

The Hanging Cantilever Shade depicted above is a great choice for walkways, parking lots, and bleacher seating and can be configured with multiple bays to cover wide distances. Available heights are 8', 10' and 12'.

a picnic table and umbrella

Hexagon Hip End Shades

Hexagon hip shade is a perfect option for shading large and small circular areas. Sizes range in two-foot increments from 20 feet to 40 feet.

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