OLD Site (1)Copy of Aubreys Landing

Aubrey’s Landing


Aubrey’s Landing is an apartment complex in Georgia. The property management company was completely renovating the complex during our project, including the designated play area.  

We partnered with landscaper designer Chatham Landscape Services to transform the area that would eventually become the play area. When we made our first site visit, the future play area was nothing more than a large mud pit with some debris. Chatham Landscape took the lead on prepping the site by grading it and removing all of the debris. 

Next, the EcoPlay team came in and installed the play equipment which included an eco-friendly play structure and matching swings. Finally, the Chatham Landscape Services team came in to transform the area outside of the play area. The result is a serene play area and dog park that includes tasteful landscaping and is surrounded by woods.

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