Inclusive Activities

a green and white electrical device

Gas Pump

Putting a Gas Pump near a trike track can encourage conversation and social interaction in addition to riding the tricycles.

a sign on a fence


The Cafe is one example of an imaginative play element that helps children develop social skills and language skills from interacting with other children as they pretend to eat, drink, and laugh at the Cafe.

a person and two children on a swing set

2 Bay ADA Swing with Wheelchair Platform and JennSwing

The 2 bay ADA Swing with wheelchair platform and JennSwing allows kids with all abilities to enjoy swinging.

a bicycle parked next to a sign


Adding a Carwash to your playground encourages creativity and social interaction for kids of all physical abilities.

a group of people playing on a playground

Merry Go Round

The Merry Go Round is a classic and timeless piece of playground equipment that all children enjoy. The Merry Go Round is available in three different sizes with diameters of 10', 8' and 6'.

a small trampoline on a grass field

Inclusive Orbit

Invite children of all abilities to spin around on the playground with the Inclusive Orbit. The stainless steel Inclusive Orbit is an independent freestanding playground equipment piece that allows for easy wheelchair accessibility by the surface-level platform. Incorporate this popular playground piece into your inclusive or equitable playground design.

a couple of green and red playground toys

Cozy Pod Spinner

The Cozy Pod Spinner is a freestanding spinner that allows kids to spin 360 degrees in a cocoon-like structure. Children can spin around for excitement, or take a break and relax in the Cozy Pod Spinner.

a play structure outside

Ice Cream Shop

Kids love to add a little dessert to the playground with an Ice Cream Shop!

a swing set in a park

Inclusive Swing Seat

The Inclusive Swing Seat helps children with special needs to enjoy the swinging experience with the support of the swing seat harness design.

a wooden birdhouse with a green awning


The Market opens up a world of creativity by allowing kids to shop for groceries, organize food, and interact with one another.

a desk with a stack of books


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