Bradshaw Farms

Cherokee County, Georgia

Bradshaw Farms is a beautiful neighborhood in Cherokee County, Georgia. The HOA has a robust amenities area which includes a clubhouse, tennis courts, and a state-of-the-art pool. However, the HOA’s play area contained old play equipment that was beginning to show a lot of wear and tear. It was time to upgrade.

The HOA Board decided to get new play equipment and to transform the area in a way that made it easy for folks to watch the tennis matches on the nearby courts. EcoPlay Structures partnered with Blackrock Construction to develop a vision for this area and turn it into a reality.

First, we collaborated with the Board to select appropriate play equipment and design the retaining wall. The Board loved that the play equipment was both eco-friendly and manufactured only 15 minutes away! Next, we demolished the old equipment and graded the area. Finally, we built the retaining wall and installed the new play equipment.

The new play equipment includes a large play structure, swings, and a large climber to develop and challenge the older kids in the neighborhood. Bradshaw Farms transformed its old play area with old equipment into a beautiful brand new play area with new equipment and a sturdy retaining wall.

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