OLD Primrose Creek EqupmentEllington Springs Structure at Primrose Creek

Primrose Creek

Sugar Hill, GA

Primrose Creek is a lovely neighborhood in Georgia. The HOA has a complete amenities area which includes a clubhouse, tennis courts, and a state-of-the-art pool. However, the HOA’s play area contained old wooden play equipment that was beginning to crack and splinter. It also did not comply with modern ASTM guidelines.

The HOA Board decided to get new play equipment that was colorful, attractive, and appropriate for kids of all ages. First, we collaborated with the Board to select appropriate play equipment. We also included a custom engraved bench so that parents can be comfortable while they watch their kids play. Next, we demolished and disposed of the old wooden play equipment. Finally, we installed the new play equipment.

The new playground at Primrose Creek looks fantastic and is a perfect addition to the stellar amenities center.

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