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Make a Difference on National CleanUp Day September 21st

National CleanUp Day is an annual event that takes place the third Saturday of September and is dedicated to encouraging everyone to commit to picking up even one piece of trash in their local community. This year's event falls on September 21st, and it's a wonderful day to teach children about the importance of their contributions in keeping the world around them beautiful.

The organization features several ways to participate, from creating your own event to joining one that has already been established. We've compiled simple ideas for National CleanUp Day contribution from the beach to the mountains along with ways you can implement positive daily civic-minded habits throughout the year.

7 Tips for National Cleanup Day Participation

  • Sign up to host a cleanup project through your office at a local park or nearby location you frequent and make it fun! Think Field Day for Adults - add in a competition for the most trash collected, best-dressed cleanup crew, etc.
  • Contact your children's school PTA and recommend this as a school activity especially since it falls on a weekend
  • Make it personal by gathering a group of neighbors to clean up the local parks, city streets, fields, and other areas where children play
  • Join a local CleanUp Event that has already been formed by searching your area here
  • Spread the word! Share about #NationalCleanUpDay on social media in advance to let others know about the opportunities to participate
  • Adopt a trail for National Cleanup Day and beyond and get a group together to go "plogging" (picking up + jogging = a double win!)
  • September 21st or shortly thereafter, share photos of your group spreading the CleanUp joy and submit the details through the organization!

Cleaning Up Starts at Home

Parents and teachers of little ones have probably sung the "clean up, clean up, everybody clean up" song hundreds of times. Teaching children at the youngest possible age to pick up after themselves whether it is toys at school, putting their plate in the sink, or throwing out their trash helps instill positive habits from the beginning.

Cleaning Up On-the-Go

Whenever kids visit a local playground, beach on vacation, or go for a hike, bring an extra bag with you whenever feasible so you can pick up lost water bottle caps, wrappers, and toys you discover along the way. It's helpful to reinforce why it is so crucial by teaching children about how animals and the Earth are negatively impacted by the trash left behind.

Other Good Habits

Extend the Earth love long after National CleanUp Day by leading by example and teaching children about the importance of recycling, reducing plastic consumption (we're looking at you, plastic water bottles), joining local chapters of organizations such as Keep America Beautiful, supporting businesses committed to utilizing eco-friendly materials, and finding other ways to give back.

We would love to hear about what you are doing for National CleanUp Day! Comment below or drop a note on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

For additional resources on ways to give back, live an eco-friendlier lifestyle, and embrace Planet Friendly Fun, be sure to follow our social media pages and check back on the blog frequently.

Happy National CleanUp Day!

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