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Commercial Playground Installation - The Process & What To Expect When You Work With EcoPlay Structures

Installing a commercial playground for your school. HOA, park or church can be a fantastic way to encourage play and build community. EcoPlay prides itself on building high-quality and long-lasting playgrounds.

In this guide, we take you through the entire EcoPlay commercial playground installation process, from initial consultation to final installation. Plus, we cover why EcoPlay is advantageous over other commercial playground companies and the benefits you can expect from EcoPlay.

The EcoPlay Process: Designing & Manufacturing a Commercial Playground

EcoPlay Structures offers customizable playground installations using top-quality materials. Constructed from proprietary EcoPlay Lumber®, our playground equipment provides a safe, clean, and long-lasting environment in which children can learn, play, and explore.

Here's a step-by-step guide to EcoPlay's process for planning, designing, and constructing playgrounds:

Step 1: Contact EcoPlay

The first step to starting your journey with EcoPlay is to contact our sales team via an online web form or call us 470-280-7529.

Once EcoPlay receives an inquiry, our team will give you a call, typically within one day. During this call, we will explore your vision for your playgrounds and discuss key topics like:

  • Your playground project timeline

  • Specific site information (square footage, terrain features, etc.)

  • The age range and number of children who will play on the playground

  • Your project budget

Step 2: Schedule a Site Visit

In some cases, EcoPlay may need to visit a playground build site to understand the lay of the land better.

If this step is deemed necessary for your property, EcoPlay will contact you about scheduling a site visit so that our team can assess the property and terrain features. Generally, a site visit occurs within a week after the initial phone call.

Step 3: Receive a Proposal from EcoPlay

After speaking with you on the phone (and possibly a site visit), we put together a proposal for your playground design. This is an important step in the process, as this is when you can give feedback regarding any additional features or changes you want added to the design.

Drafting a proposal can take a few days but you can typically expect a proposal within a week following the initial phone call or site visit.

Step 4: Accept Proposal

You review the design and cost to determine whether or not the proposal aligns with your budget and needs. If you love the design but need some time before making the commitment, EcoPlay gives you up to one year to accept the proposal.

However, you can also accept the proposal immediately if the design and cost suit your project.

Step 5: Sign an EcoPlay Contract

If you have accepted your EcoPlay playground design proposal, the next step is to sign a contract. This contract gives us the go-ahead to begin ordering materials, drafting more detailed designs, and planning for the installation of your custom playground.

Contracts can be signed soon after a proposal is accepted, typically within a few days.

Step 6: EcoPlay Orders Materials & Begins the Building Process

With your contract signed, the building process begins.

First, we will need to order all the necessary building materials and supplies not already on site. As a manufacturer, we often will have key play equipment components available, making the material-ordering phase quicker than other commercial playground providers.

Once all the materials have been received, EcoPlay begins constructing your playground.

Step 7: Commercial Playground Installation

The final installation of an EcoPlay commercial playground typically takes place 8 to 12 weeks after the contract has been signed. Install dates are specified to the customer, and customers can choose between a professional installation from EcoPlay or a third-party installation.

A closer estimate of the completion date will be made available to you once the construction process begins.

Why Choose EcoPlay Over Other Commercial Playground Companies?

Made from top-quality recycled materials, EcoPlay playgrounds are designed to last. Our equipment holds up much better than steel and it requires very little maintenance. EcoPlay Lumber ® doesn't rot, chip, crack, fade or otherwise deteriorate even in harsher weather.

EcoPlay offers many advantages over other commercial playground companies. With average lifespans lasting twice as long as traditional steel playgrounds, EcoPlay playgrounds can be a long-term investment that boosts the value of your commercial property while also building community.

The benefits of choosing EcoPlay for your playground project include:

  • Cost Effectiveness: While traditional steel playgrounds may come at a slightly lower installation cost than EcoPlay playgrounds, our equipment has one key advantage — longevity. Steel playgrounds need to be significantly repaired or completely replaced around every 15 years. Comparatively, EcoPlay playgrounds are warrantied for up to 50 years. In the long run, the slightly higher cost of EcoPlay results in greater cost efficiency down the line when it comes time to repair or replace steel alternatives.

  • Timely Construction: At EcoPlay, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines without compromising quality. Our team of experts is committed to timely construction of play equipment, ensuring your playground is built on schedule. EcoPlay utilizes state-of-the-art construction methods to guarantee efficiency. Our reputation for reliability is built on years of consistently delivering on our promises.

  • Speed of Manufacturing & Construction: Unlike other commercial playground installers we design, manufacture and install our product. This means we aren't beholden to a large equipment providers' timelines. Our turnaround time is typically 8-12 weeks, versus the 6-12 months that it takes our competitors to build out a similar playground.

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: EcoPlay strives to achieve sustainability and environmental responsibility in our production practices. Our playgrounds are constructed using eco-friendly materials, including recycled materials. By choosing EcoPlay Structures, you contribute to a healthier planet while providing children with safe, durable, and environmentally conscious play areas. Our materials not only meet but exceed industry safety standards, ensuring that every piece of equipment is both eco-friendly and safe for children to enjoy.

  • Inclusive Design: Inclusivity is at the heart of our design philosophy. We specialize in creating playgrounds that are accessible and enjoyable for children of all abilities. Our inclusive designs feature wheelchair ramps, sensory panels, and adaptive swings, ensuring every child can participate in the fun. By partnering with EcoPlay Structures, you invest in a playground that promotes equality, social integration, and community cohesion, making sure no child is left out.

  • Community Builders: Our playgrounds are more than just play areas — they are community builders. We design spaces that encourage social interaction, cooperative play, and community engagement. Our play structures and group activities are thoughtfully designed to foster friendships and a sense of belonging among children and families. By creating vibrant, engaging play spaces, we help build stronger, more connected communities.

  • Exceptional Service: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. From initial consultation to final installation, our dedicated team provides exceptional service at every step. We offer personalized support, innovative design solutions, and expert advice to ensure your playground meets your unique needs and vision. At EcoPlay, we don't just build playgrounds — we build lasting relationships with our clients and their communities.

  • Clear Communication: Planning a playground project can take substantial time and effort, requiring clear communication from your chosen manufacturers. EcoPlay understands that a playground installation is a long-term investment and takes the steps necessary to help you plan for success. From our initial consultation and proposal to the construction and installation processes, EcoPlay makes sure the playground you receive meets your expectations.

What Types of Commercial Playground Equipment Does EcoPlay Structures Offer?

EcoPlay Structures offers a wide array of different playground equipment, features, and activities. When you choose EcoPlay for your playground project, you gain access to the vast selection of playground elements and components to create the custom playground of your dreams.

Some elements that your commercial playground may include:

  • Slides: Slides are a staple in playgrounds. They come in various designs, including straight, spiral, wave, and tunnel slides. Slides promote physical activity, encouraging children to climb up to the top, which improves gross motor skills and coordination. Additionally, the act of sliding down helps children develop spatial awareness and balance.

  • Swings: Swings are another classic playground feature that provides a back-and-forth motion, allowing children to experience the sensation of flying. They typically consist of a seat suspended by chains or ropes, hung from a sturdy frame. Swings come in different types, such as belt swings for older children, bucket swings for toddlers, and inclusive swings designed for children with disabilities. Swinging improves balance and coordination

  • Play Structures: Play structures are complex setups that combine multiple elements like slides, bridges, tunnels, and climbing frames into a single unit. They are designed to encourage imaginative play and social interaction among children. Play structures promote physical fitness by engaging different muscle groups and improving overall strength and endurance. They also help develop cognitive skills as children navigate through various components and solve the small challenges posed by the structure.

  • Interactive Activity Panels: Interactive activity panels are interactive features integrated into playgrounds, offering educational and sensory experiences. These panels might include puzzles, mazes, musical instruments, and tactile elements like spinners and sliders. They are typically mounted on play structures or freestanding frames and cater to various developmental stages. Activity panels enhance fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive abilities. They also serve as inclusive elements, providing stimulating activities for children of all abilities, including those with sensory processing disorders

  • Climbers: Climbers are designed to challenge children's strength, agility, and coordination. Attached climbers are components of larger play structures, such as rock walls, rope ladders, and cargo nets. Freestanding climbers, like monkey bars and dome climbers, are stand-alone. Climbing activities foster physical development by strengthening muscles and improving flexibility, as well as encourage problem-solving and perseverance.

  • Group Activities: Group activities in playgrounds are designed to facilitate social interaction and teamwork. Examples include tetherball-like games, see-saws, multi-user swings or a Gaga Ball Pit.. These activities require cooperation and communication among children, fostering social skills and empathy. Group activities also provide shared experiences that can help build friendships and a sense of community within the playground environment.

  • Inclusive Activities: Inclusive activities ensure that playgrounds are accessible and enjoyable for children of all abilities. These features include wheelchair-accessible swings, ramps, sensory panels, and play structures with wide platforms. Inclusive activities aim to create an environment where every child can participate and have fun, promoting physical activity, social interaction, and equal opportunities for play. They also help raise awareness and understanding among children about diversity and inclusion.

  • Freestanding Activities: Freestanding activities are individual play elements that are not part of larger play structures. Examples include spring riders, balance beams, and sand tables. These activities provide varied physical and sensory experiences, catering to different interests and developmental needs. Freestanding activities offer flexibility in playground design, allowing for more dynamic and creative layouts. They help improve balance, coordination, and imaginative play, often serving as focal points for children to explore independently or in small groups.

What Makes EcoPlay Structures Unique?

At EcoPlay, we understand that each client has specific and unique needs for their play areas. With over 18 years of experience, our expertise allows us to create custom commercial playgrounds for a wide range of clients (including churches, schools, military bases, community centers, and residential complexes).

We put particular emphasis on short lead times, customer service and building communities.

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