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How Long Does It Take to Build a Commercial Playground from Design to Completion?

EcoPlay Structures vs. Other Commercial Playground Companies

Many commercial playground companies can take between 6 to 12 months to deliver a playground.

By comparison, EcoPlay can design and deliver a high-quality playground in 12 weeks or less. This is because EcoPlay is the manufacturer. While other commercial playground companies are re-sellers, EcoPlay actually manufactures the play equipment and can maintain better control of the supply chain.

Commercial playgrounds often serve as centerpieces within public and communal spaces, such as parks or churches. Private spaces like condos or housing developments also greatly benefit from commercial playgrounds, as these play areas offer a great place for children to exercise and expend energy.

At EcoPlay Structures, we know the value of a quality playground. In this article, we cover the basics of the playground construction process, including the specific timeline for completion when working with EcoPlay for your playground project needs.

Why Choose EcoPlay For Your Commercial Playground Project?

We design and manufacture all of our playgrounds in Marietta, GA. We are not a reseller of one of the larger playground suppliers. When you choose to work with EcoPlay you're choosing:

  • Manufacturing & construction speed. Many playground projects take 6-12 months. Our typical playground project takes 12 weeks or less. Because we control our own supply chain, our ability to manufacture and construct a playground is dramatically faster.

  • High emphasis on customer service. We are a small business based in Marietta, GA. Our customer service team has the latitude to make decision quickly and promptly.

The EcoPlay Structures Playground Construction Process

EcoPlay Structures offers commercial play equipment for clients like property managers, schools, churches, parks, and daycare centers. Made with proprietary EcoPlay Lumber, EcoPlay playground equipment is designed for longevity, rot resistance, and safety.

Here is an overview of EcoPlay Structures' playground construction process and completion timeline:

Step 1: The Customer Contacts EcoPlay Structures

The first step to building a playground from the ground up starts with the customer.

After filling out a web form, EcoPlay contacts the customer back and asks a few questions to understand their situation and needs better. These questions typically cover topics like:

  • The customer's vision for the project

  • Specific site information (square footage, terrain features, etc.)

  • The age range and number of children who will play on the playground

  • The customer's budget

Customers can expect to hear back from EcoPlay within a day.

Step 2: EcoPlay Schedules a Site Visit

If needed, EcoPlay will schedule a visit to the customer's build site. Site visits are not always a necessity, with the need dependent on the complexity of the site's terrain.

Should EcoPlay determine a site visit necessary, customers can expect this visit to occur within a week.

Step 3: EcoPlay Creates a Proposal

Once EcoPlay has a good overview of the building site, the proposal creation process begins.

A proposal generally includes a couple of different design options for customers to choose between. This stage offers the customer the chance to provide feedback on the design and request any additional features they may want as finishing touches for the playground.

Customers can expect a proposal from EcoPlay within a few days after the site visit or after the initial contact if a site visit is not required.

Step 4: The Customer Accepts the Proposal

After EcoPlay delivers the playground proposal to the customer, the customer must decide whether to accept or reject the proposal. As a playground can be a significant investment, EcoPlay gives customers up to a year to decide to accept the proposal.

If a customer is particularly eager to get started, proposals can also be accepted as early as the next day.

Step 5: EcoPlay & the Customer Sign a Contract

Once the customer agrees to and accepts the proposal, EcoPlay will write up a contract that includes details like the proposal design and construction timeline.

Contracts are prepared and ready soon after the proposal is accepted.

Step 6: EcoPlay Orders Materials & Begins the Building Process

With a signed contract, EcoPlay can proceed with ordering the materials and beginning the playground construction process. Ordering and receiving materials can take several weeks to complete. Luckily, EcoPlay is a manufacturer and can ensure greater supply chain efficiency.

If a playground is being shipped for installation elsewhere, this can also add extra time to this step.

Step 7: Commercial Playground Installation

The final installation of a commercial playground typically occurs between 8 to 12 weeks after the contract is signed. The install week is specified with the client to ensure the date works with the client's schedule and to give a closer estimate of when the playground will be complete.

Build Your Commercial Playground with EcoPlay Structures

By choosing a custom-built playground, you can enjoy many great benefits that go beyond mere recreation. EcoPlay designs each playground to suit the needs of the children who will use it, providing an environment that promotes physical fitness, learning, and fun.

Take a look at the following advantages of choosing EcoPlay for your playground project:

  • Appealing Play Equipment: Unlike playgrounds featuring generic equipment, custom-built playgrounds can include unique structures, artistic elements, and themed play zones that inspire children to explore. This imaginative play not only enhances cognitive development but also encourages social interaction and cooperation as children collaborate to create their own games.

  • Accessibility: One significant advantage of custom-built playgrounds is their ability to promote inclusivity and accessibility. By incorporating features such as ramps, sensory-rich elements, and adaptive equipment, these playgrounds ensure that children of all abilities can participate fully in play experiences. This inclusivity not only benefits children with disabilities but also ensures the companies or organizations managing the playground follow the relevant safety regulations.

  • Skill Development: Custom-built playgrounds offer opportunities for learning and skill development. Interactive activity panels can incorporate elements that enable children to make music, play strategic games, and embrace imagination. By combining play with learning, custom-built playgrounds become valuable educational resources that support holistic child development.

EcoPlay play equipment can help you create dynamic and unique playgrounds that promote creativity, learning, and community engagement. By prioritizing customization and innovation, these playgrounds provide children with enriching experiences that contribute to their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive well-being.

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Choose EcoPlay Structures for Your Playground Construction Project

If you're ready to construct a top-quality playground made from safe and eco-friendly materials, EcoPlay Structures is the manufacturer for you. Along with playground manufacturing and construction services, EcoPlay also offers installation services to nearby clients.

For more information on EcoPlay's manufacturing process, visit the EcoPlay playground equipment webpage. Here, you can explore the many different types of playground elements EcoPlay has to offer, including:

With 18 years of experience in the playground industry, you can put your trust in EcoPlay Structures for your playground construction project.

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